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Start Learning Kendo UI

My new company use Kendo UI I have to learn this thing, so I watch video from Youtube, Getting Started with Kendo UI for ASP.NET MVC – YouTube. I make this short note: Installation dir is something like: C:\Program Files (x86)\Telerik\UI for ASP.NET MVC Q3 2014\ The file needed when we want add kendo UI manually to asp net mvc is: C:\Program Files (x86)\Telerik\UI for ASP.NET MVC Q3 2014\styles: -kendo.common.min.css -kendo.default.min.css -A folder contain sprites, the name of folder is same with theme (in this case the theme name is Default) C:\Program Files...

Chat App C#

Steps : Unzip app Start  Server Open Client Connect using Server IP / Server Name Start chatting!     Download App   Request Source...

What is Difference Between Left Join, In...

I have this Table: [TEST_ALAMAT] id_alamat id_mahasiswa alamat 1 1 Solo 2 2 Semarang 3 3 Jakarta [TEST_MAHASISWA] id_mahasiswa nama 1 Mudzakkir 2 Muhammad 4 Fahri   Please Highlight id_mahasiswa at both of table. At the sample data, TEST_ALAMAT is Left Part. It contain values 1,2,3. Then, TEST_MAHASISWA is Right Part. It contain values 1,2,4.   LEFT JOIN I run this query: Select A.*, M.* from TEST_ALAMAT A LEFT JOIN TEST_MAHASISWA M ON A.id_mahasiswa = M.id_mahasiswa Result ...

Redirect To Another URL Using HTML

<meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”3; URL=registration_step5.php”> It means: The page will be redirected to registration_step5.php… 3 is in second. Next 3 second.

How to Connect SQL Server 2000 and Java ...

How to Connect SQL Server 2000 and Java SE using JTDS

IntellijIDEA Shortcut Keys

It is 1:17 am here, and I can not sleep well. Something makes me sick. I must go to doctor regularly. And I come to my laptop to learn about Intellij IDEA’s shorcut keys. My seniors ask me to use this IDE. I am familiar with netbeans IDE and STS. But, still need to learn about this IDE (IntellijIDEA). I try to google.. about list of this IDE’s shortcut key’s. I found many valuable blogs to learn both of eclipse and netbeans IDE. But I am always hungry to learn something new in my life. I found this valuable doc Happy...

Extension Point UML Use case diagram

  Extension points may be shown in a compartment of the use case oval symbol under the heading extension points. Each extension point must have a name, unique within a use case. Extension points are shown as a text string according to the syntax: extension point ::= name [: explanation ] The optional explanation is some description usually given as informal text. Extension points may be shown in a compartment of the use case rectangle with ellipse icon under the heading extension...

What is difference between include and e...

-> Include is part of another larger use case. Included use case required, not optional. -> Extend is optional. Extending use case is optional, supplementary. -> Generalization Source
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