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Start Writing,

This Day, I following one event in this small city. The tentor is a professional writer, manager from an publisher in this small city.
He said “start writting, cause that is culture from theologian, in past..
Imam At Thabari, writer of an book of commentary (Tafsir At Thabari), if we calculate his writings, we will get, number: 40 sheets /day.
Amazing! 40 sheets/day.

Ok maybe this page is just a test page, I have installed “Prettify” plugin to this blog..
I do not mind if You read my post, I will share my knowledge about jQuery and some technologies, but I am so sorry, I am just an newbie in IT.

Ok, I will start to try my first install prettify. I wanna know that plugin is work.


I should see some codes in this page. Let’s see is that working..

It seem it’s work! :)

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