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Why Should we choose JQuery???

One good question. Why should we use jQuery than another javascript library??? There are some reasons, maybe we can list the reasons. Ok, I think the reasons is:

  • jQuery is a free, open javascript library
  • simple and powerfull to make responsive web pages
  • Compatibility. JQuery is work across modern browsers
  • Since this library is across modern browsers, so we get advantage to concentrate to our design, not busy to think that cross browsers mistake.
  • we can perform multiple operations in one single line of code. This is also known as : statement chainning.
  • jQuery is extensible, so we can use third party plugins, or we can create our own plug-ins.
  • jQuery is friendly with another javascript library. For example, maybe we use dojo in our site, and want add jQuery too at the site. JQuery is friendly, with noConflict() method, we can resolve the conflicts (if any) easily.

Then, why should we use javascript at our pages? This question is good enough. Maybe there are many reasons too, and I think the main reason is we want make our site responsible. And of course, javascript is exist everywhere! Javascript is most commonly technology used at this day.

I think there are some another reasons, why should we use jQuery and javascript. Maybe You can find it by yourself.

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