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How To Make QTranslate plugin Version 2.5.32 compatible in Your WP 3.5

Hello, maybe this is not safe.
I am still not check it yet carefully, but basically, working so far.
First we need to modify qtranslate.php. Find this line:

Then, change that line to be like this:

Then, we should make changes to our Theme. Open our functions.php, on your Active Theme directory, and add this line before end of php code :

So far, this is work, the main idea is:

  1. Make the value of QT_SUPPORTED_WP_VERSION equals with our WP version.
  2. Then we must see what is the new WP version changelog. Go to this link to see the changelog. Highlight this line : “TinyMCE, jQuery, jQuery UI, and SimplePie have all been updated to the latest versions”
  3. Since TinyMCE updated in latest version, Qtranslate need make adaptation to that new version of TinyMCE. We have hard job to make changes to make the adaptation. So, we can doing some trick to the plugin. That is it, number 4:
  4. Make the default editor of WP post to text/html. Not visual mode which will use TinyMCE. So, the plugin will work well, I think. Just it.

If You get some error, please let me know. Thank You.

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