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Start Learning Kendo UI

My new company use Kendo UI I have to learn this thing, so I watch video from Youtube, Getting Started with Kendo UI for ASP.NET MVC – YouTube. I make this short note: Installation dir is something like: C:\Program Files (x86)\Telerik\UI for ASP.NET MVC Q3 2014\ The file needed when we want add kendo UI manually to asp net mvc is: C:\Program Files (x86)\Telerik\UI for ASP.NET MVC Q3 2014\styles: -kendo.common.min.css -kendo.default.min.css -A folder contain sprites, the name of folder is same with theme (in this case the theme name is Default) C:\Program Files...

What is Difference Between Left Join, In...

I have this Table: [TEST_ALAMAT] id_alamat id_mahasiswa alamat 1 1 Solo 2 2 Semarang 3 3 Jakarta [TEST_MAHASISWA] id_mahasiswa nama 1 Mudzakkir 2 Muhammad 4 Fahri   Please Highlight id_mahasiswa at both of table. At the sample data, TEST_ALAMAT is Left Part. It contain values 1,2,3. Then, TEST_MAHASISWA is Right Part. It contain values 1,2,4.   LEFT JOIN I run this query: Select A.*, M.* from TEST_ALAMAT A LEFT JOIN TEST_MAHASISWA M ON A.id_mahasiswa = M.id_mahasiswa Result ...

Extension Point UML Use case diagram

  Extension points may be shown in a compartment of the use case oval symbol under the heading extension points. Each extension point must have a name, unique within a use case. Extension points are shown as a text string according to the syntax: extension point ::= name [: explanation ] The optional explanation is some description usually given as informal text. Extension points may be shown in a compartment of the use case rectangle with ellipse icon under the heading extension...

What is difference between span and div ...

Span -> inline Div -> Block <div style=”color:#006;”> <p>Sample paragrhaph with <span style=”font-weight:bold”>inline tag </span> the paragraph<p> <h2>heading 2 block</h2> </div> result: Sample paragrhaph with inline tag the paragraph heading 2 block

Start to move to pastebin service

This day, I am deciding to move to service. Prettify plugin is awesome enough, plugin is awesome enough too, but I do not want to wasting my time to fix the code section of the post. So, we are ready to start! Learning jQuery plugin. With no stuck which cased by code section. Hopefully, will works.

Why Should we choose JQuery???

One good question. Why should we use jQuery than another javascript library??? There are some reasons, maybe we can list the reasons. Ok, I think the reasons is: jQuery is a free, open javascript library simple and powerfull to make responsive web pages Compatibility. JQuery is work across modern browsers Since this library is across modern browsers, so we get advantage to concentrate to our design, not busy to think that cross browsers mistake. we can perform multiple operations in one single line of code. This is also known as : statement chainning. jQuery is...
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